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Black Adam Story

The story of Black Adam takes place in a city called Kandak. Where there is this precious metal, to get which villains can cross any limit. A king sends some people to Kandak to get this Eternium metal. A man named Ted reaches Aternium but the king destroys his entire family. After getting Eternium, Ted becomes Kandak's messiah, but his enemies trap him and imprison him.

The new story begins 5000 years after Ted is imprisoned. Now Kandak has become like a modern city. Where foreign intruders want to get Eternium once again. In this affair, Ted, who has been sleeping for 5000 years, wakes up again and this time he comes out as an anti-hero, not someone's hero. Ted is Black Adam.

Black Adam Cast

Movie NameBlack Adam
DirectorJaume Collet-Serra
Story writerAdam Sztykiel
Rory Haines
Sohrab Noshirvani
castDwayne Johnson
MusicWaterTower Music
Runtime2h 5m
Budget$195–200 million
Release Date20 October 2022
CountryUSA, INDIA etc
LanguagesEnglish ,Hindi etc.

Black Adam Review & Trailer

Black Adam is mixture of action, adventure, fantasy and sci-fi genres. As many of us love Dwayne Johnson (Rock) because of his ability to match into any character. You should must watch black adam movies in theaters.